Our Services

Senwell Senior Investment Advisors offers mergers and acquisition advisory to assist in the sale or restructuring of businesses, developing strategic growth strategies, and to explore bed license acquisition or disposition.

Our advisors consistently deliver the best results to our clients. We leverage our transaction experience, deep industry knowledge in skilled nursing and seniors housing operations and bed licenses, and a diverse network of relationships in the industry.

Mergers & Acquisitions Services:

Exit Strategy

Often times, closing on a skilled nursing facility, seniors housing facility, or bed license transaction is not as easy as introducing the seller to a buyer. If it were that easy, there would be no need for us. Senwell’s sell-side advisory helps clients strategically navigate through any environment. We leverage our relationships with qualified buyers and confidentially [hyperlink to confidentiality section under Our Value tab] disclose what’s necessary to get to the seller’s most desired outcome.

Growth Strategy

The primary objective of our buy-side advisory services is to listen to our clients’ needs and help them understand all of the options that may exist. Once we understand all of the buyer’s needs and the strategy they choose to explore, we initiate a fully customized search specific to the buyer’s desired outcome. In addition to targeted acquisitions, Senwell’s buyers are the first to get access to any of our off-market opportunities. To gain access to our acquisition opportunities, buyers must complete this short survey [link to portal survey].

Bed License Transactions

We are the industry expert and leader in bed license transactions. Understanding the laws, rules and regulations within every state’s department of health or Certificate of Need department to transfer beds can be extremely complicated. Our platform, Bed License Exchange (www.bedlicenseexchange.com) was built to create liquidity in the bed license market, and to help C-Level executives understand all of their options to explore through the acquisition or disposition process.

Pre-Disposition and Acquisition Consultation

Senwell’s advisors will present all of the options to consider when exiting a market, parting with bed licenses or a facility. We will deliver a marketing package to best present the asset(s) to potential buyers, all while recognizing the confidentiality of any transaction. Our team will also present the most optimal method to grow in any particular market, or acquire bed licenses for either an existing facility or new construction.

Consulting Services

Our extensive knowledge of skilled nursing and seniors housing companies, facilities and bed license transfers equip us to help our clients address any issue they face. Senwell offers strategic advisory services that help our clients build a better business.

Market Valuation Services

Our advisors work with finacial intermediaries, lenders, capital providers, consultants and appraisers to value skilled nursing and seniors housing operations, facilities and bed licenses in markets across the United States.