HealthSwap Advisors, LLC Announces the Launch of Bed License Exchange

TOLEDO, Ohio – May 2, 2017 – HealthSwap Advisors, LLC is excited to announce the launch of Bed License Exchange (, a platform that introduces buyers and sellers to an entire marketplace of bed licenses in the healthcare industry. Bed License Exchange is the trusted source for operators and investors to exchange bed licenses in confidence and confidentiality.

“Up until this point, bed license availability and pricing has been somewhat hidden in the industry,” said Brandon Bohland, Co-Founder and CEO of Bed License Exchange. “We hope this solution will provide the industry with more transparency, allowing the investors and operators to see the fair market value of bed licenses being traded in the market.”

Bed licenses ranging from acute care, post-acute care and senior living are available for operators and investors, to act as either a buyer or a seller on the auction-style platform. Sellers can list bed licenses in full confidentiality, only disclosing the County and State from which they are being sold, the asking price and the number of beds for sale. Operators and investors interested in acquiring beds can save a search based on geography, pricing and types of bed licenses. Once a listing is created within that criteria, the interested party will be notified that a listing is active and can place a bid.

“We see this platform as an asset to both buyers and sellers that didn’t exist before” said Ben Bohland, Co-Founder and COO of Bed License Exchange. “There has always been a demand for bed licenses, but operators and investors were limited to calling their competitors to find them. The most popular question we get from our clients is, ‘What are beds going for?’ This platform allows operators and investors to list and bid on bed licenses, allowing the market to fairly set the price.”

Real estate transaction volume in recent years is proof that senior housing and skilled nursing facilities are an attractive asset class to many investors. As portfolios are rebalancing, investors are taking more time to evaluate overall performance. HealthSwap Advisors believes that a platform like Bed License Exchange is a solution to any over-bedded or under-bedded portfolio.

About HealthSwap Advisors

HealthSwap Advisors, based in Toledo, Ohio, has completed bed license transactions throughout the United States. Bed License Exchange, a subsidiary of HealthSwap Advisors, was created to fill the void operators and investors were looking for in the acute care, post-acute care and senior living industries. The platform offers liquidity and transparency in a bed license market where it did not previously exist. More information is available at and

For further information, please contact:

Brandon Bohland
Co-Founder & CEO
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Ben Bohland
Co-Founder & COO
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